Sheet Controller

Sheet Controller

is an indispensable aid if you want to check the accuracy of sheet sizes and angles of
• paper, boxboard and cardboard
• aluminium or plastic foil.

An inclined graduation allows accurate reading of measurements. Some training even enables you to easily read 1/l0 mm.

A lateral scale allows to check any deviations from the 90° angle. Measuring errors are excluded.

Many operators of sheet size cutting machines and numerous quality testers highly appreciate this measuring device.


The sheet is placed against the left-hand corner without applying any pressure. The glare-free lighted scale allows an immediate reading of size and angular deviations.

To measure the second edge, the sheet is turned by 90° and the same procedure is applied.

The time required for the three measuring procedures (length, width, and angle) is 10 to 15 seconds, depending on sheet size and material.
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