Small Size Controlling Slab D3

Small Size Controlling Slab D3

Accurate sheet size measuring in tenths of mm.


The sheet is placed without pressure against the left-hand corner. Any sheet or angle deviation can be read immediately without practice.

Technical Data

Measurable sheet sizes DIN A5, DIN A4, DIN A3
Sheet sizes 148x210 mm, 210x297 mm, 297x420 mm
Max. Deviation ± 1,5 mm
Accuracy of reading 0,1 mm
Angle accuracy ± 1,5 mm
Accuracy of reading 0,25 mm
Supporting element for measuring deviceUndeformable solid material
Precision ruler Metal
Exterior dimensions 500x400 mm
Weight 2,0 kg
Further sheet sizes on demand.
Subject to further development.
Special designs poosible on demand.
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